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We invite you to join in supporting Democratic issues and candidates.  Help us improve San Francisco!  

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Join in Promoting Democratic Principles and Democratic Candidates

Democrats for Change.  Joshua Wanyama | Dreamstime.comThe Democratic Women's Forum is in its eighth decade serving as a city-wide club chartered by the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee. Two-hundred fifty men and women make this political organization a valuable addition to the political community of The City.

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Congratulations Hon. Fiona Ma
2013 Eleanor Roosevelt Award Winner


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The Forum stands for these Democratic principles:


To work for a living wage in The City, state, and nation.


To determine whether our current welfare system is meeting the needs for those most affected by it.


To advance the premise that every child is entitled to an equal educational opportunity and that adequate funds shall be made available to satisfy that goal.

Drug Treatment

To advocate that the State seek ways to divert funds allocated for prison expansion to drug treatment programs to implement the initiative proposition promoting drug treatment in lieu of incarceration for drug-addicted individuals.


To continue to work for more affordable housing.  


To advocate that The City continue to take measures toward solutions of this multi-faceted problem.


To promote a Transit First policy with more MUNI express service and increased number of runs;  to promote housing above commercial enterprises and on transit corridors;  to improve transportation on Geary, Van Ness, and Market;  to support rebuilding the Transbay Terminal.

Death Penalty

To oppose and work to end the death penalty.

Health Care

To oppose Sutter Health's takeover of St. Luke's Hospital;  to support San Francisco General Hospital's bond measure for health care for all in the City; to seek Federal/State construction funding for city hospitals.

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